Virtual Exhibition

Your Opportunity to Grow Large with a Small Budget

Our last blog discussed the advantages of a virtual trade fair. We discussed the financial benefits in details and kept other options waiting for today. Money is important, more so for a person trying to survive against perpetual threat of bankruptcy. The businesses is the means and end both here, without damaging finances the person has to bring in more viewers and clients to the business. We suggested huge savings possible through virtual exhibitions than a real life one but is the business delivered enough?


Let’s start with viewers. A trade platform in virtual world will need to have viewers for its own survival, so they will make all efforts to generate a good viewership. Similarly while searching for physical trade fairs some of the other viewers will stumble upon this new concept and take a liking to it. Some of the media personalities will write about it when they understand this is a new technology that can disrupt traditional business marketing concepts and then there will be small efforts by the individual participants to promote their services and businesses in the fair and outside of it. This will total to a huge number and will keep growing.


Possibly all of them will not be your customers. But....mark carefully. This is a big BUT. Many of the viewers will know some of the persons who are your prospective customers and suggest to them a better platform of trade fairs they encountered. So, you are multiplying your viewer numbers and growing rapidly.


Reputed conventional trade fairs will not draw viewers only from their immediate surrounding localities; still there will be limitation to viewer mobility and many of the willing customers will not be able to attend such shows. On the other hand for virtual ones a viewer can attend more than one show at a time and needs nothing other than a good internet connection and sometimes a membership. Mark the change in viewer convenience and possible presence of viewers in the two trade shows when compared.



Now interaction. You meet business prospects one by one in conventional trade fair. There may be two more waiting when the first person has many queries and that take time away from other two’s share, the second person may have left when you are ready for him. Then if the first two do not generate any business you are left with nothing. Compare it with the other possible option.


From your desk, a single person can attend to a few visitors even if everyone has good many questions to ask and that opens up your business prospect, revenue chances by a few degrees.


There will be many hiccups in the initial stage. All the fairs will not be three dimensional (still the experience can be near real for good trade shows), you will have some difficulty to adjust, sometimes the internet may not cooperate for the viewer or for you (the viewer can access through mobile also, and you can keep another connection standby), you can miss deals for that but still the concept opens up business generation possibilities a lot.


In our next blog we will discuss the specific advantages Expoall provides you, when you take your stall and business partnership with us.


Till then, happy reading and thank you for the feedback.