Virtual Exhibition

Your Opportunity to Grow Large with a Small Budget

Virtual Exhibition: Your Opportunity to Grow Large with a Small Budget

Technology has made our life easier and the world a smaller place. The deployment of machines, to replace labor, is growing at an estimated annual rate of 50-100%. The internet alone has grown over 30% in the last 10-15 years, changing the way people communicate and do business.

Virtual Exhibitions: A Threat to Some, A Game Changer for Others

Small businesses usually have a limited budget to attract attention. It is generally used on:

          • A display-board

          • A glow-sign

          • Print or visual media ads

          • Rarely to attend trade fairs

Attending a trade fair in a highly populated town is an achievement. You get a decent number of viewers, good word of mouth promotion and some sales and business contacts.

Now let us have a quick look at the things you invest in the first place for a traditional exhibition?

          • Select a pavilion

          • Rent a stall

          • Prepare promotional booklets

          • Individual flyers or banners

          • Some sample products or giveaways

          • Fly persons to survey the business possibilities of the expo and then for the real fair itself.

A SMB organization cannot have big budget for all these expenses. Your valuable time spent on these activities will make it even more costly. On the other hand a virtual exhibition does not require all these expenses. When you opt for a virtual exhibition, you spend only a fraction of this cost.

You need only one or two persons to manage your stand during rush hours. All materials can be managed digitally which cut short the expenses further. Thus a virtual trade show gives you much more savings on your money, time and it offers increased trade benefits.

In our next blog we will discuss the gain or loss of number of visitors a business has when it opts for virtual exhibitions. Keep track of us and keep your feedback flowing in. We would definitely like to know what our viewers think. Till then best wishes.